Lord Love A Lefty!

Confessions of the right-handed parent of a left-handed child. 

I didn't know you needed a different kind of scissors.  Not til you were in college and begged for some.

I didn't know that a spiral notebook was torture.  Or that you couldn't help but have smudged schoolwork.

I didn't know that you were trapped in a right-handed desk at school. 

And I confess that I still don't get the challenges you face, until you show me.  Like where you sit at the dinner table and how not to bump into you when we eat.

We may not understand lefties, but we can certainly celebrate you.

Today is International Lefthanders Day.  The holiday was first observed in 1976 to promote awareness of inconveniences that left-handed people face. 

 It also promotes the advantages they have.  Research has shown left-handers also have penchant for success and creativity. 

Some of the most famous and successful people have been left-handed including, philosopher Aristotle and artists Michelangelo, Leonardo de Vinci and Pablo Picasso.  Other notable lefties are Napoleon, Mahatma Gandhi, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin to name a few. 

Not to mention some very famous left-handed musicians... like Phil Collins and Paul McCartney.  

Today, we salute you... though I'm still working on that left-handed salute.  


The Leftorium is actually a thing.  Well, kind of.  Most of them are online, though I've actually shopped in left-handed stores.  



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