Model Refuses To Hide Her Scars With Makeup

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"Life isn't all rainbows."

Not something you expect to hear from a Sports Illustrated model, is it?

We think their lives are, well, just like the photos in a magazine.  Glamorous.  Perfect.

Not for Robyn Lawley.  

She went public when she was diagnosed with Lupus and APS, because she didn't know what affect it would have on her, and she's very much in the public eye. 

Now she's revealed on Instagram what happened when she had a seizure on a stairwell and fell 7 feet. 

Her face was badly injured. 

Robyn posted side by side photos of then and now, and a pic from a photo shoot that show her scars... a big one, like a lightning bolt (her words) on her forehead and smaller ones on her lip and chin.

Again, she's being proactive.  Fashion Week is coming up and it was going to be noticeable. 

In fact, she says some magazines are already calling her scars "horrific" but she has another term (see below... love her spirit!)

Speaking of her spirit... she's grateful.  Grateful she didn't break her neck or end up in a wheelchair. Grateful she wasn't holding her 3 year old daughter when she fell. 

Me?  I'm thankful for people like Robyn who share their stories... stories of how THEY found strength when life isn't all rainbows.  She leaned on others, like Selena Gomez, who also battles Lupus. 

This is one tough lady.  And she's not afraid to show it.  That's the essence of beauty, as far as I'm concerned. 

Feels good to be back working on set today, some news websites have already labelled my scars as horrific ...I prefer the term bad ass. Don’t be bullied by their ideals. Thank you everyone for your beautiful support, it means so much to me. This beautiful number is also eco friendly by @zeromcornejo taken for an upcoming feature, with a magazine that is actually caring about the environment 👍✌️🍃👏

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As I’m getting ready to return to work, feeling strong and near myself again, I want to be completely honest with you, in this day and age where we seemingly share all, I needed some time, healing physically and emotionally. I do however want the truth known. Nearly 2 months ago I had an accident. There’s a reason I was public about my lupus and aps diagnosis from the start, a lifelong incurable (for now) condition I didn’t know what I or still am in for. I unfortunately had a seizure on my staircase, I fell from over 7ft and landed on my face. I suppose it’s ironic that I’m a model, however I’m grateful I didn’t break my neck. I’ve managed to come full circle with that gratefulness, and luck. I could of had it holding my daughter for example, or I could be in a wheelchair, or not breathing at all. With fashion week coming soon I wanted to acknowledge my new lighting bolt scar on my forehead (aka offical wizard now 🙋‍♀️) lip and chin. As the scars fade, apart of me wants nothing to do with them and a part of me wants to embrace them. They make us who we are. Plus wearing daily makeup to cover my face is something I do not do. Life isn’t all rainbows. I’ve found strength the past few months following people who are brave to share their physical and emotional ongoing battles. Thank you @elly.mayday (battling ovarian cancer) thank you @chelseabonner (battling fibromyalgia) thank you @_indianrosee & @selenagomez (fellow lupus warriors) thank you. To anyone that’s going through something I’m sorry for the pain you have to endure. You are always welcome to DM questions about SLE (lupus) or APS. Thank you to the hospital staff and doctors who were fast to treat me. Thank you to my love of my life saving me. Sending out love and positive vibes. You can always follow @lupusorg or @lupusla to help support lupus research. This photo is from the hospital a couple of months ago and one from a week ago. 🖤😘 Peace Robyn

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