WATCH: Dance Battle Between TSA Agent and Kids!

This is the cutest!  

Something about the screening process must have reminded this kid of the Floss Dance.  He breaks out his moves, the TSA officer compliments him on them... and then, it's on!  (By the way, the thing you see him flinging is his stuffed animal.  He was all business on this dance.)

I'm hoping this isn't the new screening technique, because I'd never make it on the plane!!  (Jodi had an interesting experience going through airport security on her latest flights... and an important tip on how to dress to AVOID the problems she had.)

And yes, we all know TSA has a very serious job to do.  But a little humanity goes a long way in my book.

My favorite part of the story?  The TSA director says ALL their agents are up to the challenge--

“After ensuring all are secure as they enter the air transportation network, our Officers will be happy to accept any dance challenges from passengers.”

I can't wait to text my son and see if he's willing to try this on his flight home today.  Just to see what he texts back.  



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