Girl Orders Over $350 of Toys on Amazon

Kids are sneaky.  That's why we have to tell them we have eyes in the back of our heads and we can see what they're doing.

Eventually, they figure that one out.

They also figure out things online a lot sooner than we realize.  Until, of course, the truck drives up with all their purchases.

This little girl was getting a Barbie.. but then went back online to TRACK the package and ended up ordering over $350 worth of stuff.  

Which she did not get to keep.  THAT's key.  They should never get to keep their ill-gotten gain.

The mom was going to send it all back, but decided instead to donate it to a children's hospital.  And that's a nice touch... one which a lot of us parents couldn't afford if we were in this situation.  And with all the warm fuzzies of donating to the hospital, we're hoping the kid understands that what LED to the donation was WRONG.  

She's reportedly banned from the Internet for a month.  And will face harsh punishment should this happen again.  

My problem? She's a little too pleased with herself, or at least that's how it looks in the photos.

That kid is lucky she's not my kid.  I'm not that understanding.  In fact, my kids will be the first ones to tell you that.  But we never made national news ....well, not yet.


This is not the only kid who has discovered how to do this.

A friend, who shall remain nameless, got an unexpected delivery of $49.99 worth of UNRETURNABLE pizza crusts because his kids tried to use Alexa to order pizza while he was in the shower.

These parents feel his pain... and then some.



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