Neal Schon on Steve Perry Return: "Give it a Rest"

Journey fans are understandably excited to see that former frontman Steve Perry has come out of his self-imposed exile to record new music -- his first new music in over two decades. But if you think he's planning to re-join Journey, Neal Schon just threw cold water on that idea.

It's not that the two don't get along. Steve Perry left Journey in 1996 due to a hip injury that simply made touring impossible. He stopped recording music because he was simply burned out on it. Here's how he explains it on his website

“The truth is, that I thought music had run its course in my heart,” Perry explains now. “I’d had an amazing time in an amazing band, and then the chance to express myself as a solo artist too. But I had to be honest with myself, and in my heart, I knew I just wasn’t feeling it anymore.”

But Neal Schon, who's still with Journey, and Steve Perry are fine. And even though they'd been out of touch for many years, the seeds of renewal were planted once Journey was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017. Neal described the feeling to former MTV VJ Martha Quinn on Twitter: "I know we both sensed the sincerity of mutual love and respect for one another. It was more than evident."


So with all these good vibes, you can forgive fans for wondering when the reunion and tour is going to happen. And this is where Neal gets straight to the point. To one fan: "Give it a rest plz. He has no aspersions of going back. Forward is what it’s about. We are selling out stadiums right now." 


And to another, who said the reunion "would be bigger than the Beatles:" "I’ve already expressed myself about this. The Future is lookin Very Bright I’m feeling it."


Meanwhile, Steve Perry totally deflected the question when asked about a reunion by a radio station in Rhode Island: "It isn’t that I don’t love these cats. I especially love Neal. Neal is still in my heart. I’ve never heard a guitar player to this day play like [him]."

So for now, maybe the best we can hope for is that Steve Perry and Neal Schon get together again for a cup of coffee. And from there, who knows what could happen. 


What I found interesting is that Steve Perry did NOT slam the door on a reunion. And even though Neal Schon said "give it a rest," he didn't say he wasn't willing. He simply put it on Steve, saying that he's uninterested. Maybe they'll change their minds after coffee; or maybe (probably) they won't. Until then, we really should just give it a rest...

Instead, let's just enjoy the fact that we have new music from Steve Perry -- and it's pretty good! Check it out.



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