Whata-Dorm Room! Whataburger Decorates For Super Fan

What started as a simple gesture to help students feel welcome to their new dorm has turned into something that my son is gonna want me to try and emulate.

Thanks, Whataburger.  Thanks.

A resident assistant at Trinity University in San Antonio now has a dorm room that's the envy of every Whataburger superfan (like my son... though, to be honest, Mike would probably rather have a dorm room filled with burgers, fries and spicy ketchup than all these logos!)

Whataburger thought of everything.  Some things you can buy... some were specially made for Enrique. 

But I do have a question... does this include hamburger or fries-scented air fresheners or candles? Because I'm not sure a Whataburger dorm room without that Whataburger smell would be complete.



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