8-18-18: It Was The Busiest Wedding Day of 2018

I hadn't even looked at the date... and totally didn't realize its significance, til I saw this post from NBC 15's Greg Peterson-- 


For some couples, the date held special significance.  Others didn't even notice the numerical palindrome. 

I agree with Greg... having a date you can remember makes it a whole lot easier.   My anniversary is on January 5th.   It doesn't hold any special signficance, other than it was the first available Saturday after the holidays.  (We couldn't get time off in December.)

And someone forgets it, just about every year.  Me, Ray, our moms... don't even ask the kids!

But when you can get a date like this one, THAT's a wedding date to remember. 

To see all the reasons people chose this date, click on the story below--

(Photo credit: Getty Images)


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