Fur-ternity Leave? Company Gives Leave For Pet Parents

I totally needed maternity leave.. and I totally support paternity leave, too.  Having a new baby in the house is a huge adustment, and time off from work is really needed.

But I'm not so sure about fur-ternity leave.  Should pet parents get the same treatment?

Connor McCarthy asked his company for time off when he got a Goldendoodle puppy and they said yes. According to a report by Minneapolis Public Radio, McCarthy's request was quickly approved and that it tipped company leadership off that fur babies were just as important to their employees as human babies.

I've had co-workers bring their puppies to work when they were little, because they couldn't bear to leave them home alone and couldn't find a sitter.  Or they bring in their dogs when they've got a vet appointment or need to give medications.  

I've just never been that kind of pet owner.  And I see a big difference between fur babies and human babies.  

But maybe I'm just behind the times.... 



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