How Are You Celebrating #BaconLoversDay?

I cooked up a batch of bacon for breakfast this morning, because our son was home.  I put the plate on the table, turned around, and it was gone!  

It's like that every day, not just #BaconLoversDay.

Our family likes bacon.  I know some people have a problem with it, whether it's from the pig's point of view or the cardiologist's, but we like bacon.

I try not to over-indulge, but occasionally I REALLY treat myself to bacon, like at the ballpart this summer. 

THIS was incredible... macaroni and cheese waffle cone with BACON.  

Here are some more incredible bacon dishes....


Of course, when I think bacon, I think of this guy... Beans on Even Stevens.   


Here's one for the true connoisseur:  Lacquered Bacon


Most of us just fry it up in a pan... 


Bacon-weaving!  A lot tastier than basket weaving---



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