Two Words For Your Workday: Coffee Drones

I woke up this morning to news about coffee drones.

IBM has a patent on drones that would not only deliver coffee on demand (by app), but could also sense when you need coffee most and delivery proactively (using info from your Fitbit, etc).

In other words, the drones could send you coffee before you even realize how badly you need it.  

I need this.  We all do.

But it's probably not going to actually happen.  (WHAT?!)  

From USA TODAY:   

"IBM encourages our researchers to pursue their interests even though not all of their inventions become commercial products," spokeswoman Amanda Carl said in an email. "By publishing their inventions as patents, we give our researchers the recognition they deserve and make their work public, so it can inspire new innovations."

I think I may cry.  You finally come up with something a drone can do that I might actually be completely fascinated by and eager to try... and then you tell me you're just getting the patent so you can show the kinds of ideas you've come up with and inspire more ideas....

But I need more coffee!!


This gif is everything.  Oh, and more details in the story....


(Cover photo:  USA TODAY)


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