Lost Luggage? People May Be Buying Your Stuff

I'm going on the record.  I do not want anyone going through my luggage, especially AFTER a trip, when everything is dirty.

The idea of someone pulling my dirty clothes (yes, I'm thinking underwear especially) out of my suitcase makes me cringe.  Of course, they have no idea it's mine... because, by the time the luggage gets to the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro, Alabama, the airline/bus/train companies supposedly have spent 3 months trying to find the owners.

But SERIOUSLY???  Dirty underwear is one thing, but all these laptops, musical instruments, even a Rolex watch and no one was able to figure out where they belong?

I haven't shopped there.  I have heard some people have great luck finding things... others not so much.

But there's a lot to choose from.

And if you happen to be one of those curious types, who would love to open one of these surprise packages, be there at 2:30 (Mon-Sat) for the Baggage Experience and you may get the chance.

Is it wrong to hope that all you find is someone else's underwear?


This girl's trip through the Unclaimed Baggage Center is really eye-opening.  LOOK AT ALL THAT STUFF!!!



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