Can't Wear White After Labor Day? Let's Wear It ALL Week!

I love my white pants.  And that's something I never thought I'd say.

Before this summer, I've really never worn them.   Why?

Well, when the kids were little, there were too many natural hazards-- markers, crayons, bleachers (anything at the baseball park, really), Kool Aid... you get the idea.

And I was afraid that the bright, white pants from the store might turn a sad shade of dingy if they got stuck in the wrong load of laundry.

But this year was different.  I saw them.  They fit great, felt great, looked great.... and have continued looking great (even after the Keith Urban concert at the Wharf....whatever dirt, etc that was on my seat came out in the wash).

So I fell in love with white pants.

But all good things have to end, right?   Labor Day is Monday and the "rules" say you can't wear white after Labor Day.

So I'm thinking the same thing as this person.  I'm gonna wear white like crazy the rest of the week!


The thread brings up several good points... like what "winter white" really means.... and the dangers of wearing white when eating.

That's not to say there aren't rebels, those who refuse to stick to established rules of propriety...

But I'm not there yet.  


Actually, this is a good question....

It's not like there are fashion police, waiting to haul you in or give you a ticket for wearing white.   Or are there?



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