Last Blockbuster in America Gets a Namesake Beer

It only seems fitting. A Blockbuster video store in Bend, Oregon has managed to survive longer than any other Blockbuster store... um, anywhere. It's the last Blockbuster store and still survives in an era where streaming has taken over our entertainment. That calls for a beer, and a local brewery is giving them one.

10 Barrel Brewing Company is making The Last Blockbuster, a collaboration between their brew master and the manager of Bend's Blockbuster store. In a press release, they say the black ale "pairs perfectly with buttery theater popcorn and your favorite movie-sized chocolate with a light body, smooth finish and hints of nostalgia."

Like most craft beers, 10 Barrel tends to be fairly regional. I've tried their beer in Seattle, but not here on the Gulf Coast. So if you want to try The Last Blockbuster beer, as well as the last Blockbuster video store, you'll need to make a trip to lively Bend, Oregon. The limited release beer goes on sale September 21st.



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