Parents: Would You "Opt Out" of Fundraising?

Don't get me wrong... 

I supported my kids' schools and tried to take part in as many fundraisers as I could.

Ok, so a lot of times I just bought the stuff myself.  A few times, I asked neighbors and co-workers, but I always felt guilty about it, because they have kids (and fundraisers!) too.

Wrapping paper.  Cookie Dough.  Christmas wreaths. 

THIS is actually something I've heard parents say... couldn't I just give you some money and not have to do all this?

Because some of us aren't good at baking or selling or any of that.  It's not that we don't love our kids or their schools.  I'm just not bake sale material.  (My kids will vouch for that one.)

Check out the "Opt Out" Fundraiser at Auburn High School!


This Mom was so glad to find someone who gets it... read what she has to say---



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