FSU Frosh Can Skip Stress Reduction Course If Too Stressful

I like the concept... a class to help new students deal with the stress of a new school.   

And Florida State's program includes videos of current students talking about "What I Wish I Knew"... obstacles they encountered freshman year and how they overcame them.

Sounds great!

But it's making news because Florida State made the program mandatory... HOWEVER, students can get a waiver to opt out if it's too stressful.

There are no tests involved.  What's to stress about?

Here's what they're asked to do:

Who is required to take it? 

• It will be required for all incoming freshmen and transfer students, and CARE students 

• Requirements include: watching the Introduction to Trauma and Introduction to Resilience videos, listening to at least two audios of the student’s choice, and learning about one new skill in the skills section. 

How long will it take me to finish the minimum required amount of the training?

 • It should take about 30-45 minutes


We don't get to "opt out" of training videos and tests at work.

We don't get to "opt out" of job tasks.

Let them face a little stress.  

If they can't handle a 45 minute video assignment, how will they handle college.. or beyond?



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