Please Don't Name Your Baby "Harland" for KFC!

Dear Lord, I think they're serious!

KFC has announced the Name Your Baby Harland contest.

If you have a baby on September 9th... and you name your baby Harland (after the original Colonel, Harland Sanders)... and you enter KFC's contest, you could win $11,000 for college.

Here's the legal-ese:

Open to legal residents of 50 United States and D.C., age 21 or older who add a child to their family whose legal first name is “Harland” and who was born between 12:00 AM ET on 9/9/18 and 11:59:59 PM ET on 9/9/18. 

Who would do this?  

Besides, it's only $11,000. 

People... that's not a lot of money for college.  Nor is it enough money to make it worth the ribbing your kid will have to go through.    

AND THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES!!!  You're just entering to win and hoping there aren't many other people crazy enough to do this. 

Please don't.   Just don't.   Think about the poor kid named after Reese's.   



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