Still Hunting Hurricanes, at 84

He's flown into 574 storms in his 5 decades as a hurricane hunter... which, by the way, is a Guinness World Record.

And he's still in the hunt. 

In case you didn't realize it, these hurricane hunters are the ones responsible for the data used by meterologists to help us know where a storm is headed and how strong it's going to be.  These are scientific missions... 

Meteorologist Dr James "Jim" McFadden has worked at NOAA since 1962. He's currently chief of programs and projects at the NOAA's Aircraft Operations Center, which is in charge of hurricane hunter flights.  

His interview with CNN is a great read... he shares a lot of insight and some adventure, like the time 3 of 4 of his plane's engines went out during a flight--


Here's a look at what Hurricane Hunters do and why it's so important... 


And the view is amazing--

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)


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