Tropical Storm Gordon: Aftermath

Tropical Storm Gordon came ashore on Tuesday night, just west of the Alabama-Mississippi state line. It was never quite a hurricane, even as breathless meteorologists reporting on it appeared to be hoping for it. We can't really blame them, it's weather events like these that made them get into the field in the first place, right? But it was a mere technicality, as Gordon's sustained winds were only slightly less than what could be called a hurricane.  

And while it was only a tropical storm, it did cause one tragic death. A child was killed in Pensacola when a tree landed on top of a mobile home. The name of the child was not immediately released. 

But for most of us, Gordon was a reason to "hunker down" (sorry) and have a quiet night at home. Or in my case, a quiet night with a very nervous dog. 


In our Midtown Mobile home, the power stayed on throughout the evening. We watched storm coverage, sports (ironically, the Seattle Storm). Once the storm was over, after the rain had stopped and the winds had died down, a very Midtown thing happened. Because that's when the power went out. And stayed out until after we left for work. Question: does this count as a storm-related outage? It was so... random. In any event, NBC-15 reports that more than 48,000 lost power.


For people near the beach, things were a bit more intense. Big waves, storm surge, and plenty of rain made for some impressive social media posts. And Dauphin Island has plenty of clean-up; although Mayor Jeff Collier says damage isn't as bad as last year's Hurricane Nate.


But we're not hearing about major damage across our area. Just minor issues, such as the Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier. It's closed due to some of its railings getting destroyed. 


Here's a damage report for NW Florida from WEAR ABC 3.


Further north, Clarke County (AL) experience some washed out roads. And there were plenty of little stories around. But thankfully, aside from the one tragedy, nothing too serious. Most kids got to stay home from school, and more than a few adults have also been able to take off work. Most everyone gets back to normal on Thursday, but check this list if you're in doubt.


We're not done yet. We continue to see rain coming up from the Gulf of Mexico and our area remains under a Flash Flood Watch. 



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