The BayBears Will Become The Trash Pandas in 2020

When the Mobile BayBears leave town, I'll completely stop paying attention to them. This isn't personal, and I'm not mad at the present ownership group for taking its game to suburban Huntsville. 

I can't blame them for leaving, quite honestly. The Mobile BayBears currently play in a stadium that was built on the cheap for about $8 million, and one that fans simply stopped going to. We can fire off a litany of reasons why people stopped going, and there's plenty of blame to go around. But what's done is done, and the team will relocate for the 2020 season.  

The BayBears name should rightfully belong to Mobile. Thus, the relocated team will adopt a brand new nickname. After a fan vote from a list of somewhat terrible names, the team will move to North Alabama as the Rocket City Trash Pandas. A trash panda is just a slang name for a raccoon, in case you haven't heard it before.  


For a minor league team, an awful name can actually be a good thing. It's just bizarre enough that they can sell lots of swag to fans, or to people who just want a shirt or a hat with the name emblazoned across it. I'd rather my team simply be called the BayBears, but playing at a Downtown Mobile stadium and selling really good craft beer. Maybe one day....



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