10-4? Make That "Roll Tide" Or "War Eagle"!

So, we've officially gone football crazy in Alabama.  

Which we do every year.

And every year, it shows up in different places.

This season, police officers in Pleasant Grove, Alabama are showing their team spirit... and dealing with having to work when everyone else is watching football... by swapping out their usual "10-4" acknowledgement with a hearty "Roll Tide" or "War Eagle" on gameday.  

This could drive you nuts after a while, because they normally say "10-4" about 80 to 100 times a day.

A police spokesman admitted this change in policy might have fallen through if there were any Georgia or Tennessee fans on the force.  He tells AL.com, "That would just be criminal."


Don't know how many officers favor one team over the other, but I'm betting you'll hear a lot of "Roll Tides" over the radio.. 

Not picking on Bama fans, but we all know how much "Roll Tide" has invaded our culture....

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)


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