TV Dinners Just Aren't The Same Without The Foil!

Today is National TV Dinner Day... and I'm craving that Swanson Turkey and Dressing dinner, with the impossible green peas and that apple/cranberry dessert.  They probably still make them, but it's not the same without the big reveal of peeling off that foil!!

Truthfully, it probably wouldn't taste the same anyway, with or without the foil.  Because for me, it was a store-bought meal... much more exciting than the meals mom made, because it was a rare treat.  

For my kids, frozen wasn't so rare.  In fact, they craved my mom's cooking (still do!) and would much rather have a home-cooked meal... because THAT's really rare!


Today, the popular brands include Banquet, Hungry Man, Lean Cuisine and Stouffer's. 

But back then, TV dinner meant Swanson....they were the first ones to put turkey & dressing and Salisbury steak under foil, with the very first one hitting stores in 1956.  

For the record, that was before I was born.  


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