Should You Plan Your Wedding During Football Season?

The Auburn/LSU game is this weekend.  

I remember where I was for the last game between those two.  Sitting in our car, outside my friend's wedding venue, waiting til the last minute to go in.... and then checking Twitter for updates.

And I'm not even that big of a college football fan.  Seriously.

It's a fact of Southern life.  Planning a wedding during college football season is going to ruffle some feathers.  And may affect attendance, too.

But there's no perfect time for a wedding.  There's always some kind of conflict, right?

And you could always plan your wedding on a bye week... along with every other bride you know.

It's complicated.  

Got a kick out of's survey.... "Is it ever ok to schedule a wedding on a fall weekend?"

My favorite answer... "Yes, if there are TV's".   I've never seen that, but I'm betting some of you have.

The other thing I noticed (besides the fact that over half said NO)?  Only 15% didn't have an opinion. That means 85% definitely did... and only 14% said it's no problem.



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