Weather Channel's Frightening Storm Surge Simulation

Anyone else nearly fall out of their chair watching this on The Weather Channel?

We've seen color-coded maps and graphs, and we know all about spaghetti models.  But to SEE what it would be like to have a 3 foot....6 foot... 9 foot or MORE wall of water pouring through the neighborhood?

This is brand-new technology this hurricane season.  We literally have not had the benefit (or terror) of seeing it before.  And I'm sure not everyone got to see it in time to act on it.

Hundreds of people who stayed behind during Florence are finding themselves trapped.  Rescuers are doing their best to get to them.   

And everyone keeps asking, why didn't they evacuate? 

They heard it... but they didn't see it.  And for some of us, seeing is not just believing; it's understanding.

Now they're living it.  



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