When Will Fall Weather Arrive?

Credit: Getty Images

All anyone talked about this past weekend was the heat! If you spent much time outdoors this weekend, you know it was way too hot and humid for the final weekend of summer. A few of us went to the Jags game and were set up in the iHeartRadio tent for Fan Fest by 2:30PM. That might have been the hottest part of an already hot day. 

But the good news is that October is just around the corner, and we can already see the first cooler weather forecasts. One of the key "benefits" of paying for the Accuweather app ($2.99 or so) is that you get a 25-day forecast. Admittedly, that's probably not something you should make plans by, because 25 days.... just not all that reliable.

That said, I'm ready to take any promise of cooler weather. So I took a look at Accuweather's day-by-day forecast, and fall weather begins on.... October 4th.

October 4th is the day that their algorithms say we'll have our first typically autumn day on the Central Gulf Coast -- low humidity, warm temps in the 80s, but comfortable overnight lows in the 60s. Until that day, there's always at least a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast, which indicates plenty of humidity. Temps will start cooling before then, at least if Accuweather is to be believed, with lows dropping down into the 60s before the end of this month. 

Fall weather on the Gulf Coast is absolutely my favorite time of year. Let's hope it really does arrive by October 4th... or better yet, much sooner. I'm just so over the summer heat.


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