Our Favorite Emmy Moments

The 70th Emmy Awards aired last night on NBC. And while TV is exceptionally good right now, as the nominated shows suggested, the awards were pretty straightforward and none too surprising. Still, there were plenty of big moments, which we'll explore in a moment. 

But first, the unsurprising winners. I figured The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel would be a strong contender, and it won several awards, including Outstanding Comedy. The very good but highly stressful The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story won for Outstanding Limited Series. And despite not airing in more than a year, Game of Thrones won the biggest prize of the night, Outstanding Drama. I'd have given it to the gripping final season of The Americans, but as long as the weird second season of Westworld didn't win, it's all good. 

But we don't watch awards shows for the winners and losers, which you can easily look up online. No, we watch for the big moments of the night. And there were three of them that stood out.

First up, Glen Weiss. You might have never heard his name, nor will you remember it much beyond the next few days. He's one of the many behind the scenes people working in Hollywood. He won his Emmy for directing the Oscar telecast this year (yes, the Oscars air on TV and are thus eligible for an Emmy). But he had just lost his mother a couple of weeks earlier, and he used that moment as a springboard for something none of us have seen in an acceptance speech before: a marriage proposal. (Check it out starting about the 2:18 mark).


Jan said yes, and Glen will forever be remembered by us as "that guy who proposed in his acceptance speech." And that's a pretty good thing. We wish Glen and Jan a happy life together.

Next was Betty White. How can Betty White NOT be a highlight? As you watch the video, you'll notice that Betty looks as great as ever; but... she's slowed down a bit. Her words aren't always coming out as easily as they once did. And yet, her wit continues to make us laugh. Watch the clip below (she's introduced about the 1:09 mark).


Finally, the 70th Emmy Awards broadcast celebrated the diversity of the nominees with a tongue-in-cheek number about having solved Hollywood's problem with diversity, in a fun number called "We Solved It."

Sterling K. Brown from This is Us sang about Hollywood's political diversity: "From Democrat to liberal Democrat..."

Kristen Bell sang about the #MeToo movement and how Hollywood is totally cleaned up now: "We solved it, banished every creep who broke the law, now they’re serving hard time at that Arizona spa."

Spoiler Alert: By the end of the skit, they hear that they didn't really solve it ("cart before the horse"). But it was a fun five minutes.



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