Presidential Alert? This Text Is Only A Test

We were all supposed to get a "Presidential Alert" this week on our cell phones, but that's been postponed because of the very real emergency situation caused by Hurricane Florence.


The idea is that in the event of a national emergency (similar to the terror attacks of 9/11), one message could be sent out and reach the entire nation. 

The problem? Instead of seeing it as a tool to keep us informed, a lot of people are upset at anything from the President coming to their phones.  

Me? I'm more concerned about those who don't read past the words "Presidential Alert" to see “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”  I'm afraid it may cause some people to panic.

So that's why I'm posting this blog.  Not to give anyone another forum to talk politics... just to let you know what the plan is.  That's part of my job... to inform the public.

Even when some of you don't want to know.

So here's what the test is all about...



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