McDonald's Facing Backlash for its New Apple Pie

McDonald's has unleashed a new apple pie recipe on an unsuspecting public. Claiming that their new pie has the "homemade taste our customers love," the new apple pie even looks different. There's a lattice top crust, meaning there's also a bit less crust. They've added a touch of cinnamon to the filling but removed cinnamon from the topping. All in all, fewer ingredients.

Source: McDonald's Corporation

To me, it sounds great. But then again, I haven't had a McDonald's apple pie at least since they were last deep fried back in 1992. So maybe I'm not the one to judge. 

Many customers who've actually been buying and eating the McDonald's apple pie over the years had a different take on things. 


Yup, the internet has a lot of negative comments going around about the new recipe. (Imagine if we'd had social media when New Coke came out).

But thankfully, McDonald's also has this person. 


For what it's worth, I'm probably more likely to try an apple pie today that I would have been before the change. That said, I wish I'd known they stopped deep frying them a quarter of a century ago! I must've missed that story.

Source: McDonald's Corporation


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