What Kind of Football Fan Are YOU?

(It's A Southern Thing)

That's me to a T!  

According to a new It's A Southern Thing video, there are 7 types of football fans.

And you've probably met them all... especially the Superstitious one.   I have a friend who doesn't just leave the room... she leaves the HOUSE when things are going badly for her team.  And another friend who has to have a very specific gameday meal or he feels like he let the team down.  

But I'm definitely the one that's just there for the food.  I LOVE gameday food.  Chips, dips, Conecuh sausage, all kinds of cheese.  Seriously, you can have my share of the beer, just give me a few more nachos.

Speaking of gameday food, Murphy Sam & Jodi have a great page of recipes, including Chicken & Waffle Sliders.  




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