Why College Students Don't Vote Absentee: No Stamps?

College students in Virginia wanted to vote badly enough that they registered, got their absentee ballots, filled them out.... but never sent them in, because they didn't know where to get stamps.

Seriously, if I hadn't encountered this with my own kids, I'd say this story was made up.  But apparently my kids aren't the only ones who never had to mail anything before they went to college.

Stamps are a foreign concept to this generation.  

You can blame the parents (lawnmower, helicopter, whatever they're labeling us these days) for taking care of it for them before they left for college. Yes, I bought the stamps for their graduation invitations and thank you notes, just because I didn't want any excuses for them not being sent.  (And there are a few I'm still not sure ever made it to the mailbox.)

Or you can blame the Internet for making things too easy to do with just a few clicks... so that something requiring human contact at the post office or grocery store is too big of a hurdle.  They do everything online... even send money.  Who needs to mail a check any more?

Or you can blame the kids for being too lazy to get off their rear ends and take care of business.

Fun Fact: The Post Office would have delivered them, even without the stamp.  



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