WATCH: Cleveland Fans Get A Win AND Free Beer!

Normally, I don't pay much attention to the NFL... except maybe the Saints or Atlanta.  BUT... how could you not root for the Cleveland Browns to get a win (their first since December of 2016) and see those Victory Fridges open in bars all over Cleveland?

Fans got their hopes built up when the Cleveland Browns tied the Steelers and came close to beating the Saints.   

Last night, they got something they haven't had since December of 2016.... a WIN!

After a 0-16 season in 2017, fans were really getting pumped up for a win in 2018.... and Budweiser came up with the ultimate marketing tool.   

They put Victory Fridges in 10 Cleveland area bars (including one in the stadium press box).

The fridges had chains around them, plus was an electromagnet that kept the refrigerators locked until a Brown win, when those electromagnets were turned off through a WiFi connection.

Just like magic!   

Here's what it looks like... 


Actually, HERE's what it looks like in a crowded bar of Browns fans... 


Favorite tweet of the night?  From the police.... 


Oh, and I guess Baker Mayfield will forever be remembered for his part in everyone's free beer.... 


But don't forget the lucky possum....however, I think the only thing lucky with this possum is the guy didn't get bitten! 



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