Changes Coming to Bryant-Denny After Collision With Wall

Alabama linebacker Dylan Moses ran into the fence at Bryant-Denny Stadium during the Crimson Tide's win over Texas A&M. He's a bit sore from the collision, but he's quick to acknowledge it might have been a lot worse for him if a security guard hadn't been between him and the fence. If you didn't see the collision, it's not for the squeamish, as Dylan's crashed into the security guard's knee at full speed. Both were down for a while, but the CBS Sports crew said the security guard clearly got the worst of it. (See the video below).


As soon as it happened, we started to wonder why that fence was so close to the field. And how amazing it is that we don't remember many (any?) other injuries happening from this kind of contact. 

Even Nick Saban, after all his years as 'Bama's head coach said he'd never really noticed how close the fence is to the field

"That was something that, after being here all these years, I never even noticed that until that play. That is definitely something that we are addressing."

According to an story, Saban says they'll "shave that little corner off a little bit and pad it up a little better." 

Dylan Moses thinks he might have been in the hospital if it wasn't for that security guard, and he's probably right. But the odds are, the security guard actually is in the hospital. If we get an update on him, we'll pass it along.


An Update from Alabama Athletic Director Greg Byrne via Twitter: "They have added at least 40" of additional space to the four corners of the field at Bryant-Denny Stadium."



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