Ew... It's A Word Now With Scrabble

We're always getting stories about new words added to the dictionary... but the ones a lot of us really care about are the ones added to the word games we play.

So, for all you Scrabble players.... here's big news:

Scrabble just added 300 words to its official dictionary.  

Some of the most useful ones are a couple of new two-letter words, ok and ew.

Then there's qapik.  No, I have no idea what it means... nor do I care, when I'm trying to play a Q and don't have a U, it's good enough for me!

Here are a few others using those very valuable letters--- Zen . . . yowza . . . bizjet . . . emoji . . . zomboid . . . and aquafaba.  (Aquafaba is the name of the liquid from cooked chickpeas. Who knew there was a word for that?!)

And here are some they added just to make the game more modern:  facepalm . . . bestie . . . sheeple . . . puggle . . . hivemind . . . and twerk.  (These really kinda make me feel old, because I don't know what some of them mean!!!)

No word on any additions to Words With Friends... which means Mason will keep beating me.  (Though, to be fair, Words DID add 50,000 new words last year... which may be why he keeps beating me!)



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