Mom Sues When Son Doesn't Make Varsity

I know this kid wants to play, but...

His mom is suing because he didn't make varsity.   And I can't think of any scenario here where this kid comes out ok... I just can't.

Her son is a junior who didn't make the cut for varsity, so they asked if he could play JV again. The answer was no, because the high school reserves the JV team for freshmen and sophomores.

So she's suing for age discrimination.   And sex discrimination, because the girls' team doesn't have the same restriction on JV.

They're keeping his name out of it... just referring to the mom as Jane Doe.  But it doesn't take much to figure out which kid it is, when it's all over the news story that his stepfather is one of the attorneys on the case.

And it really doesn't matter how the judge rules on this.  This kid is never going to find a place where he fits in, in sports, at that school... regardless of ability.   And I hate to say that, but kids are cruel, coaches have a long memory, and troublesome parents don't help their kids get playing time.  At least, that's the way we've watched things play out in youth and high school sports.  And college, to be honest.

Maybe he's good.  Maybe the coach made the wrong decision. And maybe the rules need to be changed.  But I think the mom's decision to sue is a really bad one. 

Sometimes the best lesson a parent can teach their kid is that you're not going to succeed every time. And teach them how to deal with that, whether it's working harder to make your best better.... or choosing a different sport/endeavor.  

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