WATCH: Daddy's Little Drummer

What I wouldn't give for a video like this.  

When my son Mike was 3, Ray and the band at church did a Beatles coffee house... and little Mikey ran to the microphone to belt out his favorite song along with the band.  "She was just sebenteen... and you know what I meannnnnnn".  Priceless moment!   But that was way before the days of taking video with our phone, so all I have is the memory.  (Actually, I do have a witness... Bill Black of 95KSJ was there and couldn't stop laughing at the sight of my tiny lead singer.)

This video is the cutest thing ever.   John Milham (who will be performing at our Wine On The River Oct 20th!!!) was playing at Callaghan's Irish Social Club in Mobile Sunday when his daughter Arden's favorite song came one... the one named after HER... "Arden's Garden"... and she just had to take part.  

Look for the tiny drummer's helper in the video!



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