Kid Shreds Parents' Cash... $1K Worth!

A couple of morals to this story:

1. Don't keep your cash in an easy-to-reach space.  Someone will find it.  Perhaps your 2 year old.

2. Don't let your 2 year old operate the shredder or watch you operate it.  They'll figure out how it works. They're sneaky like that.

Here's the story...

A couple in Utah, Ben and Jackee Belnap, were searching their home for an envelope with more than one-thousand dollars in it that they had been saving to repay Ben's parents for University of Utah football tickets.  

Jackee found the money in the family's shredder.  It appears their two-year-old son Leo shred the envelope with the money inside.  

The Treasury Department said they may be able to get their money back but it could take quite awhile. Maybe up to two years.

Imagine the phone call they had to make to his parents... "Your grandson shredded our football money, so we can't pay you back."   Right....



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