WATCH: Bay Minette Man Turns 4 Chairs on The Voice

He said he was sick and didn't even know if he could sing.

He could.  Kirk Jay of Bay Minette turned all 4 chairs with his Rascal Flatts song on "The Voice."

And inspired one of my favorite Adam Levine quotes ever... "It was like CeeLo and Blake made a country baby."  "Good to meet you, son," said Blake.

And as for his preferred style of music, Kirk says "country til the day I die."  Two guesses as to which team he picked....

But the best part? The bromance continues (see below... and then see the tweet below, because once is not enough!)


Ok, in all truthfulness, the bromance isn't the best part.

The best part is how this young man rose above his circumstances... and will continue to rise. 

"I always prayed that I would make it out someday.  But I'm very appreciative of the struggle; it made me who I am today"

And if you're not crying when you hear why he chose that Rascal Flatts song.... well, it's ok.  I probably shed enough tears for the both of us.



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