WATCH: NBC 15 Reporter Looks at Hometown Hurricane Damage

I cried on the way to work the other day.... before the storm... when NBC 15's Darwin Singleton was telling Uncle Henry (NewsRadio 710) about the moment when the potential impact of Hurricane Michael really hit home.

Darwin and meterologist Kelly Foster were showing the projected path of the monster storm, with the center at Port St Joe, a small town near Panama City.  They were going to a live shot at Pensacola Beach with reporter Megan Gannon and said something like "Isn't that where you're from?".

When she caught her breath quickly, Darwin realized they had just told her that her small hometown could take a direct hit.  And the look on her face said it all.   

That's when it really hit home that the points on the map were connected to people and their families.  It's a difficult reminder, when you're trying to get information out, that the information is going to hit some people really hard.

Port St Joe DID take a massive hit from Hurricane Michael, and Megan was brave enough to walk us through what remains of her hometown.  

This is hard to watch.... and yes, I shed a bunch more tears.  Because these aren't just roads and buildings that were destroyed... 

She went back home just last weekend.  And now this... 



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