Miley, Liam, Vince Vaughn AND Bon Jovi ?

Ok, at first I was thinking, how is everyone running into Liam Hemsworth and I know nothing about it

Now, it's like a star frenzy on the Gulf Coast... from Mobile to Pensacola.

Yes, of course, with all of us going ga-ga over Liam, you KNEW Miley would show up!

And yes, Vince Vaughn is in the movie ("Arkansas") too.... so he was bound to be spotted.

But where did all the Bon Jovi sightings come from?   Apparently, he played a private party.  Which I wasn't invited to.... 

Would love to bump into one of these stars at some point... and Johnna was even brave enough to invite Liam to Wine On The River... but truthfully, I know that if I ran into one of them, it would be on one of those days when I'm making a quick run to Wal Mart and praying no one sees what I look like.

I'd probably run into all of them at once.


Seriously???? The skating rink?


I asked for Bon Jovi pics and got this from Laurie Dickens!!   (Anyone else have pics/vids to share?)



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