Did I Lock the Front Door? Questions That Stress Us Out

Ever leave the house and have a sinking feeling you left something on?  Like the oven, or your curling iron?  

A new survey found 80% of us have turned around and gone back to double-check.  (Yep, my hand is raised... I've done that numerous times!)

So here are the questions we stress ourselves out with most: 


1.  "Did I lock the front door?"

2.  "Do I have my phone?"

3.  "Do I have my keys?"

4.  "Do we have anything to make for dinner?"

5.  "Did I leave a window open?"

6.  "Did I leave a light on?"

7.  "Did I lock the car?"

8.  "Did I SHUT the front door?"

9.  "Did I leave the stove or oven on?"

10.  "Did I remember to turn off the heat or the A/C?"

Honestly, I think I struggled with THREE of these just this morning!  It's amazing that I made it to work on time.... 



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