What? That's All We See of Kirk Jay in "The Voice" Battle?

Don't blink or you'll miss it.... Kirk Jay of Bay Minette's Battle Round on "The Voice" was one of the battles that viewers only got a snippet of, in a montage.

Fans were not happy.


Kirk and Caeland Garner sang David Nail's "Let It Rain".... 

And though you can't tell it by his face... Kirk won.  We just didn't get to see much of his reaction.  Like we didn't get to see much of his performance either.


You know, it's one thing when you show a montage of auditions, like they do sometimes on "American Idol."   We understand you can't show us every single audition... and it's fun to see some of the snippets.

BUT this is the BATTLE ROUND.  And that means it's the last hurrah for some of these singers.  It also means an unfair advantage for the contestants who had their full performance shown, compared to those we only got a line or two from.

And for a show that's about building a fan base, it really lets the fans down.  Not cool.  



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