LOCAL: Throwing Things At Cars Is NOT a Prank; It's a Crime

This is dangerous.

Throwing objects at cars in Mobile... or at a parade, like the one this week in Boston for the World Series Champs... isn't funny or cool or a prank.

It's a crime.

They made an arrest in Boston for the full can of beer that hit Red Sox Manager Alex Cora and damaged the World Series trophy.

And they've got a description of two young men accused of throwing a frozen onion that smashed the windshield of a car, covering everyone (including kids) with glass.  NBC 15 reports, when they're caught, they'll be facing serious charges-- "throwing frozen foods or drinks is a Class C, the same criminal class as throwing a missile or firebomb at a car. There's a minimum punishment of a year and a day in prison plus a $500 dollar fine."

There was another incident in Mobile, involving a frozen Powerade bottle... and the glass got into a woman's eyes, as well as causing cuts.

The guy who threw the beer in Boston claims he's a big fan and really loves Alex Cora and never meant to hurt him or anyone.

But he still made the decision to throw that beer. 

His mugshot is below...



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