Tired of Negative Political Ads? This Woman Did Something About It

Linda Messmer is like a lot of us, tired of being bombarded with nasty, mean-spirited political advertising.  It's so commonplace that many of us could teach a marketing class to would-be politicians on how to do it -- always show your opponent in black and white, use sinister sounding music, take a vote entirely out of context to make it sound so much worse than it was. If one candidate goes negative, your job is to be even more negative. But then, something weird happens. On the eve of Election Day, politicians drop the negative and instead run positive ads about how wonderful they are -- hoping you'll forget they've been slinging mud for the last two months.

Most of us absolutely hate these ads, but we endure them mostly quietly. 

Not Linda Messmer. 

She was so tired of all the negative ads that she decided to purchase some ad time for herself on her local radio station in Indiana. In that ad, she says: "I am sick and tired of being bombarded with all the negative, hateful, mean-spirited ads.  I say to all the politicians running these ads, stop it!"

We already know how the politicians will react to her message.... yawn. But we're still glad she did it.



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