WATCH: SNL Apology to Rep. Dan Crenshaw- "Never Forget"

This may be the best thing to come out of the Midterm elections.  And it may be the first time that SNL made me cry.  (P.S. I wasn't alone in that... see tweet below!)

A week after Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson poked fun at a Texas congressional candidate who lost his eye in combat, the veteran came on the show this week to show there are no hard feelings.

Davidson had made an off-color remark about now Republican-Congressman Dan Crenshaw, who wears an eye-patch because of his injury.  Many people sounded off on Davidson on social media, saying the joke was offensive to veterans and to Crenshaw, who served as a Navy SEAL.  

Crenshaw noted that Americans can forgive one another and still see the good in each other.  Davidson apologized for the joke and Crenshaw encouraged people to tell a veteran to never forget the sacrifices made by veterans and by people who died on nine-eleven, including Davidson's father.  Davidson's father was a New York City firefighter who responded to the terror attacks.



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