WATCH: Delivery Driver Steals Package

As the Christmas shopping season ramps up, unfortunately, so do thefts.  But we usually assume it's someone watching the deliveries or who sees a box on the porch... not the delivery driver!

Watch this delivery person place the packages on the front porch... take a photo to prove they were delivered... then she picks up one of the packages and takes off with it!

This happened in Spanish Fort.

The homeowner reported it to the police and to Amazon (who issued a refund and said they would investigate).  They also posted it on Facebook (where I first saw it) and also to NBC 15, so everyone else could see it, too.

This is why security cameras have become so popular and almost a necessity. 

It's also why a lot of us get our packages delivered to the office, instead of home... unless we KNOW we're going to be there when it arrives.



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