We're Under a Freeze Warning!

This has been a strange year in weather, and not in a good way. Our typically perfect months of October and early November have mostly skipped the perfect parts. Sure, a few nice days here and there, but it was hot and humid early (when summer would NOT end!). And now, it's cold and rainy.

NBC 15's Chris Dunn's spells it out for us: "The HIGH so far in Mobile, Alabama has hit 43 degrees.  This is the COLDEST November 14th on record in the port city...heading down to our first freeze of the season tonight!  Normal high is 71."  


The rainy weather is about done, and in fact, we'll have a beautiful sunny weekend. But as the cloudy skies move out, the real cold weather will move in. Except for the beaches and just a bit inland, our entire area is under a freeze warning tonight. 

The National Weather Service office in Mobile says we'll have an overnight low pushing 29 degrees! So much for fall...



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