GNO Idea! Packing Treats for College Finals

This is so simple and so much fun!   

And I wish I could claim credit for the idea, but this is something a friend came up with a few years ago and all of us Moms of college kids look forward to it every Spring and Fall.

The Moms get together at a house (or you could do this at a church, etc) for a few snacks (there could be wine... just saying) and some time to catch up.  After all, most of us haven't seen each other much since the kids graduated from high school, right?

At our gathering, the host puts out big paper grocery bags, one for each college student represented (and maybe a few extras for some kids you know who could use a lift).

Each Mom brings a snack, enough for 1 in each bag.   And we drop the snacks in each bag, ending up with something like this!

Then we all sit around and catch up with each other and find out where the kids are and what they're doing.

And I'll add that my friend always takes a minute to pray for the students who are receiving these bags, that they'll be able to remember what they've learned and do their best... and that their teachers might grant them grace where needed.  This is my favorite part of the whole night!

Then we each take our bags and send/take them to our kids.  

Another favorite part?  Reporting back to the group that packages were received!  

(Mike's made it to Murray State last year.  This year, it's being hand-delivered to UWF.  Picture forthcoming!)


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