Cammie's Old Dutch is Making Grinch Ice Cream

UPDATE: They've picked the winner and couldn't stop at just one flavor. Check out these FOUR Grinch-themed ice cream flavors (as described on their Facebook page).

  • Grinch Jordan- Pistachio ice cream with chunks of cheesecake and a swirl of cranberries.
  • Grinch Cheyenne- White chocolate mocha with chocolate covered marshmallows , sprinkles and peppermint.
  • Grinch Kimberly- White Chocolate with brownie bites and black cherries.
  • Grinch Mac- green sour apple sorbet with sour patch kids.

See story below....


Here's the Original Story....

Cammie's Old Dutch Ice Cream is most definitely a local favorite. The store has been around since 1969, and all their ice cream is made at their own creamery in Mobile. And it's a lot of ice cream -- 47 flavors. 

Now they're working on a special 48th flavor. To celebrate the holiday's, Cammie's Old Dutch is developing a new "Grinch" ice cream flavor for the holidays, but they need some ideas. According to their Facebook page, the ice cream's "theme will be be that it tastes so good even the grinch smiled."

Let's see, my cone of choice is their Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. (Ok, full disclosure.... AND Chocolate Peanut Butter. #DoubleScoop)

I'd suggest the Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream in this recipe, but something red to go with it.... hmmm.

Plenty of good ideas have already been posted:

From Pamela Dykes: "Mint chocolate chip with caramel and marshmallows."

Jessica Nicole Kudulis: "Green and red m&ms and pretzels in a white chocolate base (thinking a grinch and the pretzels as reindeer antlers)"

Kevin Lee: "Your mint chocolate chip base, but instead in chocolate chips you have thin mint Girl Scout cookies (or if you can’t those the green mint M&Ms) with a fudge swirl"


Jessica Hicks: "Mint green ice cream with cherries and chocolate swirl"

Ashley Blanchard McDonald: "pistachio, toffee, amaretto, shortbread cookies"

Addison Grissett: "Green tea ice cream with heart shaped cinnamon candies! 'And his heart grew three sizes that day' ♥️"

Joe Newman: "Yule Log. Dark chocolate ice cream w/ milk chocolate ganache, marshmallow cream, amaretto swirl, and pistachios."

I don't know that I can post any more without making a trip to Old Dutch myself (maybe after work). 

No idea when the flavor will be introduced, but since the holidays are almost here, I'm thinking pretty soon. Keep an eye on their Facebook page

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