Pranking The Parents With #TurkeyChallenge

Mom, how do you microwave a turkey?  

WARNING: Before you answer, realize that your text response could be the latest tweet in the #TurkeyChallenge.

A new viral prank has people asking their parents how to cook a turkey in the microwave, and the responses are taking social media by storm.  

It's called the #TurkeyChallenge, where users post screenshots of the conversation with their parents.  

Since I hate it when my kids make fun of me on social media, I wanted to make sure other parents got a heads-up before they got this text.

Ok, and since I want to make sure you know the facts, the Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service says it IS possible to cook a turkey in the microwave but it's incredibly difficult. But this wasn't really about cooking a turkey, was it?  It was more about putting parents on the social media hotseat.

Here are a few examples, including some where the parents got the upper hand.  

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