Lights of Love at USA Children's & Women's Hospital

Lights of Love is my favorite at Christmas.

We all love tree lightings, because they're magical moments.  But THIS one is even more magical.

It brings Christmas to children in the hospital.  There are choirs and snow, cookies and hot chocolate, even a reindeer... 

But everyone's waiting for the best part, when Santa and Ronald McDonald come down the hill, from the Ronald McDonald House, with a child from the hospital.

Magic wand in hand, that child lights the tree.   Now it's Christmas for all the children at USA Children's & Women's Hospital!

Kirra Lights the Tree!

Why are these trees so important?  Because a child in the hospital spends a lot of time doing this... looking out the window.

The first time I went to Lights of Love, a friend from the Ronald McDonald House pointed to the windows of the hospital and said it always gets her, to see the children who aren't well enough to come outside, gathered at the window to watch the lights.

It got me, too.

Lights of Love brings a whole new view to those kids, looking out the window of the hospital.  

It brings Christmas.



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