Was Kirk Jay A Victim of the Daughtry Effect?

So what happened with Kirk Jay on "The Voice?"

Honestly, I think it may be the Daughtry Effect. Ok, I think I made up that term, but remember when everyone assumed Daughtry was safe on Idol and he got voted off? 

Chris Daughtry was predicted to win "American Idol" but was voted off, coming in 4th instead.  Many believed it was because people assumed he was safe, so they were voting for others they thought might be in jeopardy.  As a result, he went home.

Kirk Jay was the first one safe for several weeks and appeared to be the front-runner.  Instead, he came in 3rd.

But on his Facebook page, Kirk Jay praised his experience on "The Voice," saying it changed his world completely.

He's right about that.


By the way, NOT winning does have a silver lining, as one of our listeners pointed out on Facebook:


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